Jordan McInally


Hey I am Jordan, born and bred in this magical little town called Queenstown on April 15th, 1992 and haven't been able to leave its beauty ever since.. my photographic career started while working as a photo & video operator for AJ Hackett Bungy where I spent 4 & a half years honing my photographic skills every day in every light condition imaginable. This practice has allowed me to focus all my attention on my creative side as the technical/settings side of things is second nature.

My real passion is in my landscape and astrophotography work as this gets me out in nature and fuels my adventurous side.. I love the whole process of getting out, capturing nature in its most beautiful moments, then bringing home epic images to re-live the moments while processing the images and really bringing them to life.

My approach to photography is to just get out there and get lost in the moment, I try to utilise my excitement and make the most of wherever I am and work with what ever conditions I get, which allows me to create amazing images no matter the condition, expectation can sometimes blind you from the beauty in front of you.. At least 90% of my best images were un-planned ;)

I enjoy every type of photography and while I specialise in landscapes, wedding photography has a special place in my heart! theres something special in sharing a couples excitement on their special day and I love the challenge of capturing the day and making sure my clients are happy and get the best images possible.

Rina Sjardin-Thompson


Rina is a full time photographer based on the West Coast of New Zealand.

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rachel gillespie

Rachel is a Travel Magazine Editor, Creative and Adventurer and the Owner of NZ Kiwi Adventures.  Rachel heads up the Management and Operations of the Photography Adventures.  Her experience over 25 years in business management and customer service completes the Guest Guide of our Team.